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What is written about Nikos Adamamas (adni18) as a Bio :

Nikos Adamamas, aka adni18, has University Studies in Rome and Thessaloniki, in Medicine, Dentistry and in Design Arts. He lives and works successfully as a Dentist in Thessaloniki, Greece.
As a digital artist he participated in many exhibitions in Europe and other countries of the world as a painter of the digital age. He is also a computer and software expert in both PC’s and Mac for more than 30 years. The last 15 years he has dedicated his free time to digital art.
Adni18 is one of the world’s leading digital artists. He enjoys a superlative international reputation, with a number of distinguished awards and interviews in digital art magazines to his credit. It has been estimated, that more than 120.000.000 people from the entire cyberworld accessed and use his artwork, over the past 17 years, counting only some Internet statistics.
Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, said back in 2003 that: “…his downloads, rank him in the Top 15 most popular computer company’s worldwide, among them Microsoft, Yahoo etc with 8,000 to 15,000 persons downloading his work from the internet, on daily basis”.

Rewiew about Nikos Adamamas Digital Paintings:

"... Living in modern, soothing ambience! Working surrounded by art that seems to energize you...
This is what this site is all about. It could just be another suggestion to add art and color to your house and workplace. But it’s more than that.
Digital Paintings by Nikos Adamamas (adni18) is a philosophy, a Zen thing, a Feng Shui idea.

The work of Nikos Adamamas (adni18) honored with awards and merits and his work has been considered among the most popular in relative fields all over the world. Nikos Adamamas latest endeavor is Digital Art Paintings. Not just paintings to cover cracks on the walls or to thematically relate to curtains.

Take a look at this art gallery. For sure you will find paintings to your liking, works of art that go well with your personal taste and your own philosophy. And then, if you want to go further, - because this is Nikos Adamamas philosophy - contact him with some information about you and the space for which paintings are intended. He will suggest some artworks that will complement your home or workplace. No extra fee. Just the satisfaction of knowing you will be even more content with your choice. Browse away, dear art lover. Or, should I say, enjoy and dream away? ..."

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